Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oscar Predictions

Haven't got time to write up a set of Oscar Predictions, and besides I haven't been to a movie in a theatre (which is where you can really tell whether a movie is really good) since I saw Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring about three years ago. What I am doing is posting a link to an article at that cover the major categories. I mostly agree, although I'd like to see someone give Alan Alda a little more credit for playing against type in The Aviator than just - as Roger Ebert puts it "his nomination is his reward" - but he won't.

I have opinions on a couple of categories that aren't covered in the Blogcritic article. Best Adapted Screenplay - Paul Haggis, Million Dollar Baby. Haggis created a script that was so polished that the final draft he handed to Clint Eastwood was shot exactly as written, no revisions during shooting. Best Animated Feature - The Incredibles. I will however have to claim a bias on that one; I went to Darwyn Peachey, who is Vice-President of Research and Development at Pixar, was a fairly close friend of mine in high school.

Good Oscar night!

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