Thursday, May 19, 2005

UPN's Fall 2005

UPN today announced their Fall 2005 lineup and the shows that have been cancelled. (List and grid of course originally provided by The Futon Critic)

Cancelled: Kevin Hill, Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott, Star Trek: Enterprise, Second Time Around
Retained: One On One, All Of Us, Girlfriends, Half & Half, Americas Next Top Model, Veronica Mars
Moved: Eve, Cuts
New: Sex Lies & Secrets, Everybody Hates Chris, Love, Inc.

8:00-8:30PM One On One
8:30-9:00PM All Of Us
9:00-9:30PM Girlfriends
9:30-10:00PM Half & Half

8:00-9:00PM Americas Next Top Model (Repeat)
9:00-10:00PM SEX, LIES & SECRETS

8:00-9:00PM Americas Next Top Model
9:00-10:00PM Veronica Mars


8:30-9:00PM Eve
9:00-9:30PM Cuts
9:30-10:00PM LOVE, INC.

8:00-10:00PM WWE Smackdown!

UPN also has one hour long series ready for mid-season.

Here's a brief summary of the new UPN series:

Everybody Hates Chris is based on the childhood of comedian Chris Rock. Tyler Williams plays young Chris, the eldest of three children growing up in Brooklyn in the early 1980s. Moved to a new neighbourhood and bussed to a predominantly white school by his strict, hard-working parents, Chris has to keep his younger siblings in line while dealing with the pressures of junior high in a new environment.

Love, Inc.: Denise Johnson (Shannen Doherty) is a full service dating consultant. Her company helps lovelorn men (and sometimes women) present the best image possible to just the right prospects for romance. Of course Denise can't seem to find love for herself.

Sex, Lies & Secrets is about a tight-knit group of friends in the community of Silver Lake who have become almost like family. Of course like any family they have secrets that they keep to protect themselves and each other, some of which do more harm than good. Denise Richards, Eric Balfour, Lauren German, Omar Millar, Tamara Taylor, and James Stevenson star.

Comments: UPN is trying to make a big run into Thursday nights by switching WWE Smackdown! to Fridays and putting three comedies on the night. Love, Inc. might work better as a long form series. Nothing really stands out however, and it's rather depressing (when you remember some of the shows that UPN started with) to think that the high points on the schedule are Americas Next Top Model and Veronica Mars (not that there's anything wrong with Veronica Mars) when you consider that this is the network that cancelled Live Shot, Nowhere Man, The Sentinel, and Legend.

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