Saturday, October 08, 2005

Poll Results - What Network Produces The Most Shows That You "Must See"?

Well this came as a total surprise to me. Ten votes cast and the overwhelming majority, seven voters or 70% of the people who answered said they considered Fox to produce the most shows they must see. Two people, or 20%, said ABC. One person, 10% said CBS. The whole thing seems to run against conventional wisdom given that CBS has some of the top rated TV shows on most days. Does Fox appeal more to people who do blogs or what.

I'm one of the people who go towards CBS. I regularly watch about 11 hours a week of CBS. Their Tuesday and Thursday lineups are strong - even stronger with the addition of Close To Home on Tuesdays and I like their Friday evening shows. I watch about four hours of ABC a week, three or four hours of Fox, and perhaps the same amount of NBC. I make an effort to see about an hour of The WB and about the same amount of UPN (Smallville and Veronica Mars, a show which I only really discovered over the summer).

I guess the next poll should be self evident but I'll make it official in the morning.

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