Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Poll Results - What Show Recommended By The PTC Do You Watch Most?

We had a very interesting - not to mention impressive - response for this week's poll. There were 16 votes cast, which may be a record for one of my poles. In a tie for fifth place with no votes are Ghost Whisperer and Three Wishes. In fourth place, with one vote and 6% of support is Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In third place with two votes or 12% of the support is Everybody hates Chris. In second place, with three votes (18%) is American Idol. But the clear and indisputable winner is None of them with a whopping ten votes and 62% of support.

In one of my earlier reviews for this season I panned Ghost Whisperer and I stick by it. The pilot episode was a pretty pat creation with only the presence of Wentworth Miller as the ghost to liven it up. I haven't watched it since then and it may have improved a bit but I doubt it. As for Three Wishes I have yet to see that series so I can't really judge it. When I reviewed Extreme Makeover: Home Edition I mentioned that it could be fun at times but there was always the underlying feeling that the show presented the people they "helped" with what amounted to a palace they couldn't afford to keep. It may be a "feel good" program but I at least would like to see some follow-up. American Idol (and its Canadian cousin Canadian Idol) is not a show that I watch. I was never crazy about Star Search either, but I can't disagree with its success.

That leaves us with Everybody Hates Chris. I've seen the show once but haven't reviewed it. What I saw I really liked. The show is tremendously funny and the characters are really likeable. Of all the PTC recommendations from their list of "Nine Best Shows on TV" (because they couldn't find a tenth) this for me is a gem, and one which I wouldn't hesitate to tell people to actively seek out. Sometimes event he PTC gets something right.

Later today, the PTC's worst shows.

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