Monday, January 09, 2006

Poll Results - What Was The Big TV "Moment" Of Calendar 2005?

First off, apologies to everyone. I had every intention of reviewing The Book Of Daniel on Friday but Friday morning I woke up with a monster headache and it only got worse through the day - let's put it this way, if Bin Laden and Bush each had this headache the world would have been in big trouble. Basically I'd say I felt like crap through the weekend, but that would be an insult ... to crap.

To the poll. I asked what the big TV "moment" of 2005 was. Voter turnout was less than in the past two polls with 6 voters this time around. I think we can blame the nature of the question for that one. The final episode of The Amazing Race 7 and ABC's memorial to Peter Jennings finished in a tie for fifth with no votes. Randal telling Trump not to hire Rebecca on The Apprentice and Tom Cruise's behviour on Oprah and The Today Show tied for third place with one vote (16% of the total) each. In a tie for first place was the episode of CSI directed by Quentin Tarantino and Kanye West's statement that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." on the NBC Katrina benefit show with two votes (33%) each.

Interesting that three of the four vote getters were live events. The spontaneity of live and generally unscripted television (West had a script but had told Mike Myers before hand that he was going to go off script) is hard to beat for providing memorable situations. In fact the one comment that suggested another choice, from Tele-Toby was another example of live TV - Anderson Cooper's pouring anger into his reports of Hurricane Katrina. I tend to agree and would add that much of the Hurricane Katrina coverage deserved to be included. The question is though what gets included and what doesn't. I think that for 2006 an early contender is going to be the coverage of the West Virginia coal mine disaster, if and when it is finally determined why the reporting happened the way it happened. That said, and while I do find that Kanye West's statement had a great deal of power to it, I think that Tarantino's take on CSI was one of the best things that appeared on TV in 2005. If Tarantino had done the finale of NYPD Blue - which should have been a memorable event befitting its status as one of the best TV shows of the 1990s - it would have been far better than it was.

New poll coming as soon as I figure out a topic.

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