Sunday, June 18, 2006

Small Victories

Well I can't say that the Blogger Tournament was an anticlimax, but after my first Royal Flush it was sort of close. As Tim will attest I held my own for a while - longer than him, but I was beaten out for the longest lasting Saskatoon Blogger by some guy called Krablar. I finished 324th and Lambdo finished 322nd. Still (and this brings it back to TV), I did manage to finish ahead of this guy.

Yep, Wil Wheaton - Wesley Crusher himself - who is a member of Team Pokerstars (here's his profile on their site) and is becoming a good semi-pro poker player finished 342nd, and while I didn't actually face him across the felt or beat him myself (if I had there were prizes) I did outlast him, and in my book that makes it another small victory

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