Sunday, August 20, 2006

Poll Results - What SHOULD win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Program?

A bit better turnout this time over last time - once I managed to get the poll question right the numbers picked up a bit.

Seven votes were cast. In last place, with no votes, was Two And A Half Men. In a three way tie for second place, with one vote each (14%) are Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Scrubs. In a clear cut victory The Office finished fist with four votes (57%). I basically agree with this assessment.

A couple of things bother me about the nominations in this category. Because of the small number of episodes that aired in the 2005-06 season I'm not particularly happy to see Arrested Development nominated. Not that it wasn't a great show mind you (I honestly don't know - I never watched it) but the whole thing seems like the Emmy nominators and the Blue Ribbon Committee that made the final choices were basically giving the one finger salute to Fox for cancelling the show or to the viewers for not watching it. The other nomination I disagree with is Two And A Half Men, which gets huge ratings and anchors the CBS Monday line up but in all honesty isn't that good when compared with other shows. I wouldn't be mentioning this if it weren't the case that there are either better shows or shows that ran for the full season that didn't receive a nomination. In this area I'm thinking particularly of My Name Is Earl and any one of Entourage, Weeds or even Desperate Housewives although that show was very lackluster last season.

New poll up in a few minutes, since I'll probably be at my brother's place tomorrow.

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