Friday, September 01, 2006

New Poll - What new Sitcom will be cancelled first?

After the celebration of television excellence that was the Emmys - I know, but that's how they want it to be seen - it's time to get down to the reality of television. Most shows don't get to choose when they take that last long walk into Television oblivion. Their creators don't get to go out at a time of their choosing. No most shows are ruled by the law of the jungle conquer or die. Or if not conquer then at least have competitive ratings on the night. And for most shows the time comes when the predators of their time slot come to claim them. Sometimes the show is a once proud monarch of the time slot brought down by the younger and stronger. More often than not though the prey of choice are the young sometimes the new born, unsure of themselves and unable to keep up with the pack. So our poll this time around is a simple one - which of this season's new network sitcoms is going to be the first to succumb to the laws of the Television Jungle and be cancelled. I've even included a choice if you believe that they'll all make it to the end of the year. Don't use it foolish mortals. Note that I'm asking for the first comedy to be cancelled, not the first show overall. There'll be a poll on dramas later on. Feel free to add comments.

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