Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Poll - What night has the most shows that you MUST see?

It has been a while since I have done a poll for this Blog and I thought it was high time that I did another one. Besides we have reached what in some ways is the halfway point in the TV season, in so far as most series have shown us perhaps half of the shows they'll be doing this year - or close to it - and some shows have entered a midseason "we don't repeat well" hiatus, so it's about time that we answer the questions that we've been dying to know a collective answer to.

I've been tweeking the list of questions I'll be asking to add a few more categories to what I asked last year during November sweeps, but I thought I'd start out with a fairly simple one. Essentially I'd like to know what night is "must see TV night" for you this year. What night has the most shows that you absolutely have to see each week? (In TV terms of course, which means that there's no Saturday since no one is actively programming it.)

As usual, feel free to comment here. Poll result will be up next Saturday Morning, when I'll also have my next Poll question.

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