Friday, July 04, 2008

New Poll - Which Of The New CW Shows Sounds Most Promising?

This is the same basic set-up as always, complicated slightly by the addition of the four MRC shows that will be seen on the CW on Sunday nights, and for which I have to provide a brief summary (well, actually Futon Critic will be providing the summary with a little help from me) . Also, note that Surviving The Filthy Rich has been retitled Privileged.

In Harm's Way: A reality show that looks at lives of people doing dangerous jobs for the benefit of society, such as avalanche hunters, subway tunnel diggers, and hurricane chasers. From Craig Piligian, Executive Producer of Dirty Jobs, Survivor and some episodes of American Chopper (and many others).No relation to the 1965 John Wayne movie produced by Otto Preminger.

Surviving Suburbia: A half hour comedy from Kevin Abbott (writer on Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, and Reba, and "consulting producer" on My Name is Earl) about a family and their new neighbours. Reportedly the husband is the main character, a grumpy working class guy vaguely resembling Roseanne as a character. I also recall reading that this concept has been bouncing around for about ten years.

Valentine, Inc.: Originally developed as a feature film this series features Aphrodite and Eros living among us as the owners of a matchmaking agency that finds lost loves, true loves and mends broken hearts. Or maybe not, since this is somewhat at odds with the description provided in a CITY-TV press release.

Easy Money: Described by Futon Critic as being about "a family that runs a high-interest loan business." That's a euphemism for loan sharking. The family is led by the mother (Laurie Metcalfe) and while her middle son is great at this line of work he's not so sure he wants to stay in the family business. The same CITY-TV press release adds this rather cryptic statement: "Morgan must deal with his dysfunctional family in this hilarious unique world of Easy Money" From Andy Schneider and Diane Frolov whose production credits also include Alien Nation, Northern Exposure, The Chris Isaac Show and sixteen episodes of something called The Sopranos.

This isn't a lot to go on, and in fact we know none of the critical details of these shows beyond what I've put down here. Even most of the casting seems to be secret.

The usual rules apply. Please provide comments particularly if you opt for the "steaming pile of poo" option. This poll will run until the Emmy nominations are announced – not that anything to do with the Emmys really interests The CW.

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