Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poll Result–Everybody Loves Boston Rob

For those of you who forgot I ran a poll a while ago about who would last longer on the current series of Survivor, Boston Rob Mariano or Russell Hantz. And while calling the result a landslide would be disrespectful …….. to landslides, the result of the poll was unanimous. The person that four of you wanted to last longer on Survivor: Redemption Island is….

Boston Rob!!!!

Yes, I know that there were five votes cast for Boston Rob. I voted for him too.




Roger Owen Green said...

I have tired of Boston Rob, on anything. He's milked his 15 minutes way too long...

Asiantv said...

I agree that Rob has indeed been flying under the radar though. He has been composed the whole time, he hasn't lied at all, he has quietly controlled his tribe and his arrogance to only in confessionals. He hasn't made himself stand out as a villain, just an amazingly smart and composed guy playing a mastermind game. Yes perhaps Ometepe tribe is to blame, but it's still true that he is playing a mastermind game right now.