Saturday, March 24, 2012


I’m having a problem with my PVR. I’ve had the Pace Tahoe cable box and PVR for about four years (I bought it from Shaw Cable shortly after they started selling them) and bought an eSATA PVR Expander a month or two after that, Well, within the past few days the Tahoe has stopped recognizing the Expander and taken a huge number of the shows I’ve recorded with it. The indicator light on the Expander lights but I’m not sure if the Hard Drive is still functional. I’ve done the various things that you’re supposed to do to reinstall the expander to no effect. I don’t know if this problem will resolve itself but I’m not counting on it.


And before you ask, I would love to buy a new cable box – the new ones that Shaw offers has a larger hard drive capacity – but I can’t afford one.

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