Friday, May 25, 2012

Upfronts 2012–Video Trailers

Well, the situation with the plumbing was successfully resolved, thanks almost entirely to the efforts of my step-uncle who happens to be a professional plumber (and one of only two or thee of my late stepfather’s family who ever treated me civilly). Useful to have people like that in the family, as long as you don’t abuse the privilege. There was something that wasn’t fixed that we discovered after he left. I had hoped that it was a cheap – as in no money – fix. Turned out that it wasn’t. Cost me about 40 Loonies and some replacement parts to get it done but at least it was one of those things I could do myself.

Anyway that brings me to what is usually the end of my upfront posts, the one where I try to find clips of the various new shows from the networks and hopefully give you – and me – a better idea of what the new shows are going to be like. I like doing this as well because it means I don’t have to write a lot. Except that this time around I think I will write some comments for some of the shows.

There are a couple of things to be aware of. First up, not all of the networks have trailers up on YouTube or other services. More importantly, for me, not all of the clips that are put up are available outside of the United States. This year has actually been better than previous years. Besides NBC, FOX and The CW, all of which had clips last year that weren’t region blocked, CBS seems to have lightened up their position on showing their clips outside of the US a little Two of the network’s four new Fall shows aren’t region blocked. For the rest I may have to be a bit “inventive.” Only ABC continues to region block. Again, I’ve had to get “inventive.” Unfortunately no amount of inventiveness has allowed me to find trailers for two FOX shows, The Mindy Project and The Goodwin Games or for The Carrie Diaries from The CW.

The other thing you need to be aware of is that while the clips are up now, there is no guarantee that they’ll stay up. The clips from third parties – the one’s I’m getting “inventive” with are the most likely to get taken down, but in time even the networks will take down or otherwise keep you from seeing their clips. Of the 28 legitimate trailers that I had in playlists last year at this time only five are still available to be watched.

  • The Neighbors looks worse than the description sounds. Is that even possible? In short it doesn’t just suck it sucks badly.
  • The Last Resort looks like it gives good pilot. The question is does the rest of the series live up to the pilot. Just remember that the pilot to Flash Forward was great too.
  • Malibu Country: Reba McIntyre has never been divorced. So how come she always plays divorced women with idiot ex-husbands? Also Lilly Tomlin and a marijuana lollipop. Comedy gold.
  • 666 Park Avenue: I’ve liked Terry O’Quinn since he was on JAG (and Vanessa Williams since she recovered from the Penthouse photos – not to mention in the Penthouse photos) but I don’t think the American public is ready for a luxury apartment building as the ante-room to Hell.
  • Mistresses has probably been dumbed down and cleaned up for the American public. I desperately want them to realise that.
  • Zero Hour probably won’t work either because it debuts at mid-season but it does have a DaVinci Code thing going for it so it jus might be a worthwhile longshot.
  • Red Widow: Dark.
  • How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) seems very pedestrian. I’ve seen it done so many times before.
  • The Family Tools: see above.
  • I mean seriously there is no way that mere words can describe how badly The Neighbors sucks.

  • Partners looks like a pretty typical CBS comedy, no more no less.
  • Vegas needs a name change but I am really looking forward to this one. Dan Feinberg and Alan Sepinwall say this “isn’t a CBS show” in style but I think it’s a great fit – a procedural that just happens to be a period series as well.
  • Elementary is a CBS series according to Feinberg and Sepinwall. I suppose they’re right but it reminds me a lot of The Mentalist but with something missing.
  • Made In New Jersey doesn’t look like it should fit between CSI: New York and Blue Bloods; it should lead the night. CBS tries this sort of show a lot with mixed success. The Good Wife this is not.

  • The Mob Doctor isn’t a fit replacement for House. I like William Forsythe in just about everything but just from what I’ve seen this isn’t going to work.
  • Ben And Kate doesn’t do a thing for me. I’d rather be looking at The Mindy Project. (But it’s still light years better than The Neighbors).
  • The Following clip feels a bit disjointed and I don’t think it really gives a feel of what the show is about. I’m hoping that when The Mob Doctor dies this will take its place and do well in its timeslot.

  • Revolution looks a bit better than I expected. Maybe if they push the similarities to The Hunger Games they might have something. The timeslot might hurt with that approach though.
  • Go On is another “Matthew Perry as angry sarcastic guy sitcom.” He does it well but I’d rather see him do something different. The again I liked him on Studio 60.
  • The New Normal confirms my initial feelings about it. I like it. It’s warm and a bit tender. But will it work on NBC with the sort of comedy the network has built its reputation around?
  • Animal Practice looks like a more typical NBC comedy. It will get critical support and low ratings.
  • Guys With Kids: Didn’t I see this last year when it was called Man Up? Okay, not quite, but while the specifics are different the base idea seems suspiciously similar. Or maybe it was some movie that I haven’t seen.
  • Chicago Fire looks like a hot property to me. (Fire humour)
  • Do No Harm hasn’t given me enough to really make a judgement on.
  • Infamous: See above. NBC tries to mimic Revenge?
  • Next Caller looks to be another typical NBC sitcom that I won’t be watching.
  • 1600 Penn sucks – but not nearly as bad as The Neighbors. It’s only the second worst new series this season.
  • Save Me: Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike Anne Heche. This doesn’t give me a reason to change my opinion.

  • Emily Owens M.D.: I don’t really “get” Mamie Gummer, but it took me a long time to “get” her mother Meryl Streep. This show looks like it’s going to be pleasant dramedy fare. Not my cup of tea frankly.
  • Arrow looks great. I mean I know that what The CW really wants to do is a Batman TV series and Green Arrow is what they’re allowed to do, but they’re doing it with enthusiasm and I can get behind that.
  • Beauty And The Beast: The clips provided by The CW are dark – and I don’t mean in a dramatic way. I don’t really know what I’m seeing, and we don’t see much of the series’ male lead. But it has Kristin Kreuk and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Cult is another clip where I don’t really know what I’m seeing. The concept sounds more interesting than Beauty And The Beast and like a great fit with Supernatural but I’m just not sure.

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Zoey said...

I have to say there isn't too much on television that I look forward to these days. I've been watching for a new favorite show but just haven't had that hit yet.