Friday, October 19, 2012

The First Cancelled Comedy Of The Season

And it isn’t The Neighbors as I so devoutly hoped. Actually The Neighbors is doing adequately in the ratings. No, the first (and therefore the earliest so far) cancelled new comedy of the season is…….

Animal Practice

animal practice

from NBC. The show has aired five episodes and will be replace by Whitney. PETA is very happy. It just goes to show what happens when you interrupt the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics for a dumb show.
In all fairness to myself, it was a tough choice between Animal Practice and The Neighbors as to which show was the dumbest idea. I leaned toward The Neigbors because in concept it reminded me of the awful Cavemen from a few years back. But as Marc Berman pointed out, shows that feature monkeys for an extended period of time aren’t primetime ratings winners. The longest lasting of “monkey” shows was Daktari, which featured Judy the Chimp and ran three seasons (and had a cross-eyed lion as the main draw anyway). Other shows with apes included The Hathaways (one season, 1961-62), Me & The Chimp (13 episodes, 1972) and Mr. Smith (13 episodes, 1982). Berman forgot to mention the 1966 version of Tarzan – which featured Cheeta – which ran for two seasons.
I have to admit you guys recognized crap when you smelled it. Here are the results from the Earliest Cancelled Comedy Poll:
  1. Animal Practice – 5 votes
  2. Guys With Kids – 3 votes
  3. The Neighbors – 3 votes
  4. The Mindy Project – 2 votes
  5. Go On – 1 vote
  6. Ben & Kate – 1 vote
  7. Partners – 0 votes
  8. The New Normal – 0 votes
  9. Malibu Country – 0 votes
I really have to start writing some reviews!


Roger Owen Green said...

No surprise: NBC cursed it with that Olympics promotion; ticked people off.

Toby O'B said...

Can Tyler Labine be officially labeled a show-killer now? I've liked him in a few projects - 'Reaper', for one - but I just get the feeling that nobody else does.

Linda said...

Dang. The poor monkey is out of a job.

Toby O'B said...

They brought the bad mojo down on themselves by interrupting the concert at the Olympics closing ceremonies......