Thursday, April 21, 2005


A few additions to the Blogroll and I give in to the dark side.

As you can see, I've decided to go with the Associates program. I'll try to keep references to the minimum, but if you do want to buy from Amazon I won't object if you use my links. Somehow I feel so dirty ;-) so I think I'll atone by also adding a link to the Blue Ribbon Campaign against Internet Censorship (the Canadian campaign of course).

Additions to the Blogroll:

  • Hearing Loss is my friend Ronniecat from rec.arts.comics.strips. She recently received a Coclear Implant which has restored her hearing after a number of years of deafness.

  • TV Nights is a blog listing nightly schedules from the various American commercial networks in various years. Interesting reading, in a disorganized sort of way.

  • Just Another Blowhard is a blog from a guy in Brooklyn who occasionally posts about the various media, but even when he doesn't is usually pretty funny, in a ranting sort of way.

  • SpeakSpeak News is a major blog focusing on the fight against media censorship in general with special attention to the PTC (thanks to Tony Figueroa for letting me know about this site).

  • Blog Maverick is Mark Cuban's blog. As most of you may know Cuban is an internet multi-millionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. As fewer of you may remember he was also briefly a faux Donald Trump who starred on ABC's stinker The Benefactor. His blog has some pretty interesting stuff on business and new technology.

  • Respectful Insolence is a blog from "an academic surgeon and scientist" specializing in research about Cancer. He doesn't just focus on medicine, and has some rather interesting thoughts on a variety of subjects, both around science and general politics.

  • Yet Another Journal is an enjoyably light personal blog that sometimes touches on television and fandom.

  • Jim Hill Media is a blog that I just added today. Jim writes about the Disney Organization, particularly the theme parks. He was recently banned from Disneyland for leading an unauthorized tour. He's not particularly hostile to the House of the Mouse, but he's not criticism free either. Thanks for the information Linda (of Yet Another Journal).

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