Saturday, February 04, 2006


This is totally off topic but I just had to mention it.

I don't normally mention where I play Poker online but one place where I play a lot is Full Tilt Poker. One thing about Full Tilt is that they have a large number of pros who play on the site, including Phil Gordon, Howard Lederer, Eric Lindgren, Clonie Gowan, and Andy Bloch. Occasionally pros will even play in the freeroll tournaments, which is where you'll find a character named Sleddog aka Me. Tonight I was playing in the Razz Freeroll and who should sign up but one of my favourite professional players, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. Unfortunately I didn't make it to his table, but he finished the tournament in 127th place (out of 800) while I finished in 67th so you might say that I'm a better poker player than "Jesus".

You might also say that pigs fly when you load them onto an airplane.

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