Monday, March 20, 2006

I Have A Little Problem

I have a dog. I like my dog even though she's not exactly the pet I'd have chosen if it was up to me. I sort of inherited her from my brother when he got married - his wife, my now ex-sister-in-law didn't like the way that Bounder was jealous of anyone getting close to Greg, including her and besides she had grown up around bigger dogs. When they got married I basically got the dog, but although she's lived with me for almost 10 years she's still my brother's dog whenever he comes around.

Here's the problem. She's poodle and like all poodles has a discharge from her eyes. This has cause an infection that could ulcerate on the skin around her eyes. The vet has given me a tetracycline ointment to put into her eyes which will then wash down into the infected area. The problem is getting it into her eyes. She doesn't like anyone getting close to her face and has a habit of nipping or biting. The biting isn't much of a problem - her teeth aren't in the best shape so she isn't exactly going to hurt you but she does move pretty quickly when she wants to. To reduce the problem I've bought a cloth muzzle but after being able to get it on her once, my subsequent effort proved less than successful and I have the sore thumbs to prove it.

So here's the problem: how do I get the muzzle on the dog so that I can put the ointment in her eyes - preferably three times a day for a week? Alternately how do I get the ointment in her eyes without the muzzle? If you've got an answer, please reply to my email address:

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