Monday, May 01, 2006

Fourteen Days Of The West Wing - Day 1

Why fourteen days of The West Wing? Because seven wasn't enough. Since the show that is coming to an end in two weeks is one of the most highly respected shows of the past decade, and because the writing was usually exceelent and sometimes spectacular, I thought I'd excerpt material from various episodes, some of it focussing on specific characters and others just because I liked it.

This quote is one of the latter. It comes from before the credits of the very first episode when don't know what these characters do or even where they do it. We are introduced to them individually in various situations as they all recieve a piece of news. Leo McGarry is at home doing a crossword puzzle; C.J.Cregg is on a treadmill flirting with a guy; Josh Lyman is asleep in his office with his head on the desk. And Sam Seaborn is having a shower after a night of passion with a young woman who just happens to be a rather expensive call girl (although Sam was getting it for free). By the way Laurie was played by Lisa Edelstein who now co-stars on
House as Dr. Lisa Cuddy.

Laurie: Oh, wait. I'm sorry. Your message -- your pager went off while you were in the shower. I hit the button because I thought it was mine. 'POTUS in a bicycle accident. Come to the office.' I memorized it just in case I erased it on accident. These things look exactly alike. Anyway, like I said, I'm totally baked. But um - no, it's not like I'm a drug person. I just love pot.
Sam: Um, Laurie, I to have to go.
Laurie:You're kidding me. It's five thirty in the morning.
Sam: I know this doesn't look good.
Laurie: Not that good. No.
Sam: You know what? I really like you. And if you give me your number, I'd like to call you.
Laurie: Stay right here and save yourself a call.
Sam: It's not that I don't see the logic in that, but I really gotta go.
Laurie: 'Cause POTUS was in a bicycle accident?
Sam: Yup.
Laurie: Tell your friend, POTUS, he's got a funny name. And he should learn how to ride a bicycle.
Sam: I would, but he's not my friend, he's my boss; and it's not his name, it's his title.
Laurie: POTUS?
Sam: President of the United States. I'll call you.

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