Monday, October 01, 2007

Poll Results and the Week’s New Shows

Well at least this time around we actually had a result worthy of the name. There were ten votes cast. Reaper, Bionic Woman, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money and Life all went without votes. With one vote each (10%) Big Shots and Journeyman are tied for tied for fourth place. In a tie for second, with two votes each (20%) are Cane and Moonlight. But the winner – which means you thought it was a real loser – is The Big Bang Theory with four votes (40%).

This time around the poll will be slightly different because I'm going to lump all the remaining new shows together. Well except for Cashmere Mafia which debuts at the end of November – let's not get silly about this after all. Vote for the one that you think will be cancelled first and feel free to offer reasons. For the purposes of this poll "None" means that you expect the series to run for at least the length of the initial order (13 weeks in most cases).

Here are this week's series premieres (in red) and season debuts:

October 1st

  • Everybody Hates Chris (CW)
  • Girlfriends (CW)
  • The Game (CW)

October 2nd


October 3rd


October 4th

  • Supernatural (CW)
  • 30 Rock (NBC)

October 5th

  • Friday Night Lights (NBC)

October 7th


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