Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Link

There's a new link in the sidebar and it may be the most important thing in this whole Blog. Yes, even more important than the links that promise to pay me money. It is a link to and it is both educational and does a world of good. Here's how it works. They give you a word and four possible synonym's. Get the right synonym and you earn ten grains of rice. What you really earn is a donation of ten grains of rice to the UN's World Food Program, paid for by the advertisers at the bottom of the site's web page. The more words you get right the more rice you donate.

If you want a TV linkage for this, I first discovered thanks to the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. On Thursday November 15 they did a story on the website. On the day that the CBS Evening News piece aired, 201,226,610 grains of rice were donated. The following day the CBS Evening News did a follow-up on the story. On that day 198,342,510 grains of rice were donated. Since the site began on October 7, 2007 a total of 2,296,622,790 grains of rice have been donated to the World Food Program. Now I don't know how much 10 grains of rice weighs - or even the 1,500 grains that I've "earned" since Thursday - but as you can see it adds up. It's a great idea and it is both fun and a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes. Click that link.

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