Monday, October 13, 2008

Series Premieres And Season Debuts – Week of October 13-19, 2008

I think this is the last of these that I'll do, as the networks have really rolled out the last of their shows and only a few stragglers remain. In fact I nearly forgot to do this one! So without any further ado, let's get going.


ABC brings back Samantha Who? Their one successful sitcom from last year, featuring the beautiful Christina Applegate and the beautiful Jean Smart.

NBC has the series debut of My Own Worst Enemy starring Christian Slater as a man who lives part of his life as a married consultant for companies and part of his time as an international spy and assassin. Sounds like the Schwarzenegger move True Lies but the hook here is that rather than playing a role, Slater's character actually has two personalities neither of which knows about the other. If nothing else the concept is intriguing.


ABC has the season premiere of their other legal series Eli Stone. Johnny Lee Miller stars in this series about a lawyer who has – or had – visions, which was enough of a hit last year to bring back in a new time slot.

Canadians (like me) have an election to watch.


Americans have a Presidential debate.


NBC has the two hour debut of Crusoe, a straight retelling of the story of Robinson Crusoe, starring Philip Winchester as Crusoe and Tongayi Chirisa as Friday. I am really dubious about how well this will work as a weekly series on a long term basis.

And with a couple of exceptions that's it for the Fall season.

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