Friday, March 11, 2005


Apparently I've managed to break something or something has become broken. I went to post a comment on Tom and Stephen's blog If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger, There'd Be A Lot Of Dead Imitators only to discover that I can't. An attempt to post a comment comes back with a Blogger screen saying that "The Blog you were looking for was not found." Come on, I've already found the Blog I was looking for, now I want to comment on it. Tried to comment on most of the other Blogspot blogs on my list and received the same response. Tried posting comments on my two blogs and no problem.

Oh, the comment? It was for They Were Collaborators #27, a picture of Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop on a package of "Puzzle Rings". Clearly Betty was a bit of a Dominatrix in that relationship and Mickey was her Sub. I mean Mickey is half into a pair of handcuffs and those other things are obviously toys for some kinky sex. As if a girl who started life as a dog doin' it with a mouse who is as tall as she is isn't kinky enough to be on an episode of CSI during sweeps.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I have to finish up an article that I'm ghost writing - for a real commercial website no less - that will pay me honest to gospel money if I can finish it on deadline. And if you happen to click on the comments section for this article, you could always click on the Google Ads there even if you can't post a comment. (That's another mystery: why can't I get the ads on the main page to show anything more than PSAs while the ads in the comments section are chock full of stuff that'll make me a very little bit of money if you click on them?) Because after all, what's TV without commercials? Okay, that's easy - the BBC - but it's not a model we're familiar with in North America.

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TAS said...

Apparently this is a little more widespread because both Stephen and myself haven't been alble to leave comments on blogs either (including our own). In fact, this is the first comment I've been able to leave in days. Odd.