Wednesday, March 23, 2005

TV on DVD 3 - Supplemental

And here's one we both missed.

- Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mysteries Season 1
Pity to miss this one. They alternated the Hardy Boys, featuring Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy, with Nancy Drew, starring Pamela Sue Martin. Guys were supposed to care about the Hardy Boys, but dammit Pamela Sue Martin was such a hottie (although that's not a term we used back then) that any teenage (or slightly older) male with an ounce of testosterone and a interest in breeding wanted to be with her - in the bible sense. Later of course she showed off her nice bits for Playboy in an effort to revive her flagging career - yeah, like that ever works - and appearing as the first version of Fallon Carrington in Dynasty. Today, while Shaun Cassidy produces like Cold Case and The Mountain Pammy is twice divorced and living in Idaho or Montana. Doesn't seem fair somehow.


Unknown said...

How could you not btalk about Parker (biting thougth lip)? My God, the man was in Baywatch and married Kirstie Alley (Sam said while giggling)!

Brent McKee said...

Easily. He hasn't worked anywhere near as much as Shaun (doesn't sing as well either from what I remember)and there is no possible way that he looks as good to me with his clothes off as Pamela Sue did with hers off. Plus, since he stopped giving Kirstie "the big one" she's gone from playing svelte Rebecca Howe on Cheers to starring in Fat Actress. I blame him for that!!