Thursday, April 28, 2005

One Small Victory

You may remember a couple of months ago when there was a furor over The WB's plans to "update" Bugs, Daffy and the rest of the Looney Tunes characters with new designs. I did a piece on it, and so did a lot of people. Someone even did a hilarious if profanity filled animation of the "hip and edgy" version of Bugs Buzz Bunny, for which I don't have the URL. The fans were up in arms.

And it did no good. But THIS did.

It's so obvious of course. No one at The WB cares what a bunch of animation geeks think. Animation geeks will line up to buy whatever action figures and toys the studios throw at us. But animation geeks are getting older and are going to die off without new little animation geeks coming up to fill the ranks. That was the whole reason for coming up with Loonatics in the first place. So having an 11-year-old say that Loonatics sux carries a hell of a lot more weight than having someone like animation writer and historian Jerry Beck say that Loonatics is a travesty. An 11-year-old like Thomas Adams (from Oklahoma yet - don't want to irritate those Red Staters either or they'll sic the PTC on your Hollywood ass) is their target audience.

Thomas is just lucky this didn't happen when he was 13. His opinion would have been irrelevant.

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