Monday, February 20, 2006

Poll Results - What Network Produces The Most Shows That You "Must See"?

Been meaning to get around to this for a while and been forgetting about it. I asked what network produces the most shows you "must see", a retread of the poll I originally ran last October. Again there was a drop in the number of voters from 10 in October to 5 this time around. In a tie for fourth place are NBC, UPN and The WB with no votes, which is the same as the October poll. In third place with 1 vote (20%) is ABC In October this was the second place network with 2 votes (also 20% of the total votes that time around). In a tie for first place are Fox and CBS with 2 votes each (40%). In contrast CBS had one vote in October (10%) and Fox had 7 votes (70%).

What has changed? Well one thing of course is the number of voters. As always the smaller the sample the less accurate the result. Setting that aside though, one of the things may be that a couple of things at Fox have changed. The critically loved Arrested Development is gone of course and the way Prison Break has been handled is enough to make you want to strangle some network weasels. Is it possible that there's a certain resentment of American Idol as well? ABC? Their "after Monday Night Football" programming in the form of Emily's Reasons Why Not and Jake In Progress has been a dud, and they've pulled Commander In Chief for a while. Desperate Housewives hasn't been as good this season as last time. On the other hand there is Dancing With The Stars which has proven so popular that they've expanded the results show and dumped Faith And Hope for the duration, and of course Gray's Anatomy. As for CBS they've pretty much had a solid season. There aren't too many weak points in their lineup, with the possible exception of Tuesday from 9 to 10 CST.

New poll up in a few minutes.

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