Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Poll Results - What Night Has The Most Shows That You "Must See"?

Smaller turn out for this poll question than when I ran it in October. There were only four respondents. Still there does seem to be an interesting shift in responses, although the size of the sampling might have something to do with it.

Tied for third spot are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday with 0 votes. For comparison, in October Monday and Friday received no votes while Thursday was the winner with 5 (55.56%) and Tuesday was in second place with 3 (33.33%), while Monday and Friday had no votes. Tied for first were Wednesday and Sunday with 2 votes each. In the October survey, Wednesday had no votes, while Sunday had 1 vote (11.11%).

Explanation: As I mentioned part of this can be explained by the low voter turn out. Still I don think that there has been an ever so slight shift in viewing habits. Wednesday is full of shows that I watch consistently and has added more since Bones has moved to the night, and I watch an amazing six shows on Sunday night (West Wing, Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Grey's Anatomy and Crossing Jordan). On no other night is the VCR so busy, although Thursday is still number two with me - Dancing With The Stars is like peanuts for me - once I start I can't stop, which means I tape Smallville and CSI and catch Survivor on my late feed.

One other explanation. A person commented that I didn't include Saturday night in the list. This wasn't an oversight but more a reflection of my focus on network TV. With the exception of Fox the US broadcast networks don't program new series on Saturdays. In Canada CBC has Hockey Night In Canada but the other two networks seem to dump much of their Canadian Content here. The night - which used to be the cornerstone of television - is today a mix of reruns, reality, news shows and old movies. Although the initial CBS plan last year was to show the sixth season of The Amazing Race on Saturdays the plan was switched when they saw the ratings for the fifth season. CBS may have been the last network to abandon Saturdays as a venue for non-reality entertainment series, but barring unexpected changes, it is truly a wasteland for the networks.

New poll up in a couple of minutes.

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