Friday, October 06, 2006

I Haven't Forgotten You - I've Just Forgotten How To Manage My Time

It seems like every so often I feel the need to apologize. It must be the Canadian in me but, hey some of my ancestors have been here since before Little Jimmy Wolfe climbed to the top of the Plains of Abraham with a bunch of his Anglais pals and beat up on Montcalm. In fact, if some of the stories are true there were other relatives of mine who weren't exactly pleased when Samuel de Champlain decided to overstay his welcome by a few hundred years. So I AM Canadian. But that doesn't really matter.

No what I'm apologizing for this time is not exactly being timely in writing my reviews. I've been more than a bit exhausted lately which takes away from some of my writing time, and then there have been a couple of computer problems this week which meant that some other projects that I was working on "ceased to proceed" as the saying goes - usually after I'd written most of what I had to say but had saved little or nothing of it. I'm getting a handle on most of this stuff although the program that I use to do my bowling statistics is behaving in a maddening manner (it refuses to calculate handicaps for teams) but I'll tame it. Plus, in a rare occasion I will have this Monday to work on a review or two (it's Canadian Thanksgiving and the state of the bus system on a holiday in this city means I won't be bowling - I'll roll off instead). I've got an idea of what I want to do this weekend and beyond - whether I can do it or not is a whole other question.

Wish me luck!

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