Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Poll Results-Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy

jim-parsons_lWell at least I know where I stand with this week’s single poll results. No guessing about how many of the voters thought that they were voting for who should win even though the poll sais who would win.

And I certainly know where I – or rather those of you who voted – stand on who should win in this category. And maybe even who you think will win. There were seven votes cast. The following received no votes: Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Don Cheadle (House of Lies), Alec Baldwin (30 Rock), Jon Cryer (Two And A Half Men), and None of the Above. Louie CK (Louie) received one vote (14%). But the overwhelming winner, with six votes (86%) was last years winner of both the Emmy and this poll, Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory).

From my perspective this is a good choice and pretty much the result I was expecting. Of the shows listed here I I have access to either three or four (I’m not sure if Curb Your Enthusiasm is available on a cable channel I receive) of the nominees. I know that I’ve seen moments of two of them – 30 Rock and Two And A Half Men – but there’s only one that I watch and that is Big Bang Theory. And it needs to be said that a huge reason why I watch the Big Bang Theory is because of Jim Parsons. Granted the show has a nice ensemble cast around it and most of the characters elicit some laughter from me, the one who gets me every time is parsons and his character of Doctor Sheldon Cooper. I love the character’s quirks, his enthusiasms, and most of all when one or more of the other characters one ups him.

I don’t know enough about the other performances, and in particular the performances in the premium cable shows to really offer an opinion. I know that both Alec Baldwin and Jon Cryer have won Emmys in the past – Cryer’s came as a total surprise to everyone, probably including both Alec Baldwin and Cryer’s co-star Charlie Sheen. I also know that Larry David has been nominated five times since 2002 and not won an Emmy. I don’t know much about House of Lies, but I do know some of Don Cheadle’s work, both in comedies and dramas, and I know he’s a very strong actor. As for Louie CK, I know virtually nothing about him but professional critics whose work I respect speak highly of him and the show. I just know the enjoyment I get out of watching Jim Parsons in every episode of Big Bang Theory.

New Poll up shortly…or maybe not since I’m heading out to the casino for a few hours.

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Todd Mason said...

Cheadle's a good actor, but HOUSE OF LIES is remarkably sophomoric pap, rescued solely by its overqualified cast.