Tuesday, March 22, 2005

TV on DVD 3

Bit of a weak week for new DVDs of TV series. There seems to be a certain amount of kid's stuff (or stuff that could be perceived as kid's stuff) and special repackaging. (TVGeekSpeak.com hid this on me which is part of the reason why I'm late with it. On the other hand I caught one they missed!)

- 24 Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2
This one sort of mystifies me. The full season of 24 has been available for a couple of years now, and as I recall the first two episodes don't really constitute a pilot movie. In fact, I'm not sure but I don't believe that the first two episodes of Season 1 were shown back to back, something that was done in subsequent seasons. Given the nature of the show it's not a great move in my opinion. It's a bargain way to sample the show, but my advice is to save your money and buy the full box set.

- Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2
This, on the other hand, might be a viable option. The first two episodes of Buffy were a two part story which introduced the characters and got the show off to a rousing start. That said, the first season was only 12 episodes and because of this there are places where you can probably find the first season box at an affordable price.

- The Pretender Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2
Are we beginning to sense a trend here? I was never a big watcher of The Pretender although the series has more than it's share of vehement fans. It is interesting to note that all three of these series were made by Fox and are described as "TV Starters". Maybe they figure that TV DVDs are like peanuts - once you have one you can't stop.

- Mary Tyler Moore The Best of Season 1
One DVD four episodes and the box set has been out for two and a half years. Another Starter Set.

- Clutch Cargo Complete Series Season 1
- Clutch Cargo Complete Series Season 2
Doesn't ship till next week according to Amazon.ca but since TVGeekSpeak.com mentioned it (and I have one that they don't have!) I'll just state that the series is probably the worst "animation" ever done for TV and I include the Star Trek animated series in that list. In fact it was so bad it has become a cult favourite - a "Cargo" Cult favourite you might say.

- Dora The Explorer: Big Sister Dora
Apparently this is a popular series on Nickelodeon which airs on Treehouse here in Canada. Needless to say I've never seen it.

- The Flintstones Complete Season 3
- The Flintstones Seasons 1-3
When I was about 10 or 15 the local station started airing The Flintstone at noon on weekdays from September to June. They aired it for 25 to 30 years on the grounds that every year there were always kids watching who hadn't seen the blasted thing. And at that, it's more thought and service than most TV stations give to programming for children at lunch time and after school today.

- Nova: Welcome to Mars
Another one that ships on March 29. Worth it for the story of the little rovers that could.

And now the one that I found and TVGeekSpeak.com didn't:
- Kojak The complete First Season
Who loves ya baby? Obviously being released now to coincide with the new USA Networks series starring Ving Rames but who cares, Kojak was one of those landmark series that everyone has memories of. (Did you know that this series was regular viewing at Buckingham Palace? The Queen apparently was a fan. The lady has always had taste.)


Anonymous said...

I am sooo getting that "Clutch Cargo"!

tim gueguen said...

Personally I think Vin Diesel would be a far better choice as a new Kojak than Ving Rhames.