Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The guys over at have posted a list of TV series that are newly released to DVD this week and never being one to object to shamelessly stealing an idea and mutating it to my own purposes I present their list and my comments.

21 Jump Street: Season Two
- I don't think it was ever seen here, at least not in first run. Saskatoon got Fox (out of Rochester not Detroit like all the other US stations) much later than you'd expect, around the time that UPN started up.

Andromeda: Season Four, Collections Five
- And in partial scores Episodes 22. I don't know what's up with the numbering here, but I don't really care. I've lost interest in Andromeda except as a way to complain about Canwest-Global and their cable operations. Canwest-Global (which co-produces the Andromeda with Tribune Entertainment, which makes the show Canadian in the eyes of the government) owns the Mystery Channel on Digital Cable in Canada and managed to get their Canadian Content up high enough to pick up a Class A "must carry" ruling from the CRTC by stuffing just about anything they can get that is counted as CanCon onto the channel. Andromeda is a mystery?

The Best of Mister Ed: Volume Two
- There's a best? There's two volumes of best? There are no black & white episodes of Petticoat Junction available but there are two volumes of The Best of Mr. Ed?

Columbo: The Complete Second Season
- Somethin's bothering me. Andromeda is classed as a mystery.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids: Volume One
- Because we have to follow up on the boffo box office of the Fat Albert movie.

Felicity: Senior Year Collection
- And whatever happened to Keri Russell after she graduated? For that matter, whatever happened to her hair after she graduated?

Friends: The Complete Ninth Season
- My brother was a big fan of this show and got me hooked on it. By season 9 he was ridiculing me for watching it. To be fair he was ridiculing me for watching just about any TV but still...

Green Acres: Season Two
- It's been years since I've been able to see Green Acres - so long in fact that I think my perspective on the show is due for a major reassessment.

The Mole: Season One
- Okay, completely straight on this one - The Mole was the second best Reality Contest series (behind my beloved Amazing Race but ahead of Survivor and miles ahead of Big Brother) but the network weasels at ABC proved yet again their utter incompetence by canceling the "real people" version with Anderson Cooper and giving us Celebrity Mole with Ahmad Rashad and his cigar.

Popular: Season Two
- Not here it wasn't.

Saved By The Bell: Season Two - New Class
- That's not how you spell "No".

Sweet Valley High: Volume One
- Never heard of it, but just the name give me cavities.

Tsunami: Wave of Destruction - ABC News
- And unless every dime of profit is going to relief funds this has to be the most crass use of news footage since ..... I really don't know when.

Xena: Warrior Princess: Season Six
- Xena & Gabrielle can redeem almost anything, but the last season of this show might be the exception.

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tim gueguen said...

Someone played 21 Jump Street in the Saskatoon market when it was on US tv. I'm guessing it was probably Global. I know it wasn't an American station because we didn't have cable tv at the time.