Tuesday, June 14, 2005

TV on DVD - June 14, 2005 - Part 1

Once again I've decided to split the list into two parts, with the second part to come later tonight or early tomorrow.

Arthur: Arthur's Computer Adventure
Arthur: D.W. Rides Again

- I don't think it'll come as a surprise to anyone that I'm not familiar with the
Arthur series, so can we just leave it at that?

Cracker: The Complete Series

- Okay, here's the thing. This was released in the US today, but Amazon.ca won't have the complete series set until the end of August. Now you could order it, but I want to tell you why you shouldn't. It's an adaptation of a British series and we all know how that usually goes, and in this case you'd be right. It's a really bad adaptation or a really good British show. And finally it stars the rather disreputable Robert Pastorelli who had more real-life problems than the character he played n the show. Do yourselves a favour and buy a disc from the original series with the far superior Robbie Coltrane if you haven't already.

Fairly OddParents: School's Out! The Musical

- I've seen bits and pieces of the Nickelodeon series
Fairly Oddparents, and on the whole find it amusing although I haven't seen a complete episode so it might get wearing after a while. This is a musical special that the series did, and in general those tend to be fun.

Good Neighbors: The Complete Series 1-3

- This is a series that I have such a tremendous amount of good feeling for that it's just not possible to put into words. The cast is superb, not a person out of place. Paul Eddington and Penelope Keith are perfect as the snobbish Leadbetters - but then they always were weren't they, two of Britain's top comedic talents. In the lead role of Tom Good is Richard Biers, with the tasty Felicity Kendall (and her bottom) as his wife Barbara. (That bit about Felicity Kendall's bottom refers to a joke from an episode of Spitting Image where someone describes something being as soft as Felicity Kendall's bottom. I'm pretty sure it was meant as a compliment.) A wonderful series.

Gun:the Complete Series
- A series of six short films that aired on ABC in 1997. The only trouble is that I don't remember them at all. Too bad because the talent is certainly present in the show, both in front (James Gandolfini, Rosanna Arquette, Randy Quaid, Jennifer Tilly, Kirsten Dunst, Martin Sheen, and Edward James Olmos among others) and behind the cameras (Robert Altman, James Foley and Ted Demme were among the directors). Apparently a bit uneven, but I suppose that's to be expected.

Highlander: The Raven
- I will confess right here that I liked this series, which seems to make me a bit of an anomaly. I always liked the Amanda episodes of the Adrian Paul Highlander series from which this was an offshoot. Not to mince words, Elizabeth Gracen was gorgeous and funny. There were problems with the series in the form of her mortal partner/love interest Nick Wolfe. Just on principal the immortal thief should have been a solo character, but for some reason the producers thought we needed the beefcake in the form of Paul Johannson. They were wrong!

King of Queens: The Complete Fourth Season

- I can't remember when I stopped watching King of Queens but it was before this season. It always seemed as if there was never enough time for me to catch up with shows on Mondays, and I eventually just gave up. Too bad, it was never a bad series, although it always tended to be overshadowed by Everybody Loves Raymond. Season 4 saw the addition of Nicole Sullivan to the cast, primarily to work with Jerry Stiller.

The League Of Gentlemen: Christmas Special
The League Of Gentlemen: The Complete Series 2
The League Of Gentlemen: The Complete Series 3

- Will it come as a total shock or even a surprise if I tell you that I just don't get
The League Of Gentlemen series. I guess their sort of humour is an acquired taste that I never acquired.

Little House On The Prairie: Season 8

- I never was a huge fan of
Little House On The Prairie and by this eighth season I suspect that even the most loyal fans were realising that it was beginning to show its age. The departures of Melissa Sue Anderson and Allison Arngrim the previous season hadn't helped matters, by putting a lot more pressure onto Melissa Gilbert.

Northern Exposure: The Complete Third Season

- Some of the best stories came out of the third season of
Northern Exposure like the marvelous season ender "Cicelly". It's hard for me to write about Northern Exposure because it was one of the best TV programs ever and I am in awe of the mere concept.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Carson's Style
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Kyan and Jai - Looking Good

- I've seen Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and the best I can say about it is that I sort of like it, even though I don't go out of my way to see it. There are no details on the contents of these DVDs but I'll make a guess that they're excerpts from various episodes focussing on tips from the experts involved.

Rambo, Vol. 1: A World of Trouble
Rambo, Vol. 2: Enter the Dragon

- Until now I was blissfully unaware that someone actually made a Rambo animated cartoon and I am torn between wondering how, wondering why, and wondering if it is possible to have this knowledge purged from my memory.

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