Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Poll – Who Should Win The Emmy For Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy?

Pretty straight forward getting the poll up – easier in fact than I anticipated. There are a couple of interesting things that I might want to play with at a later date, but right now we've got the next Emmy Poll to deal with. The rules are the same as before, namely that you should vote for who you'd like to see win, rather than the person that you think the Academy will vote for.

One interesting thing in this list is that there are six names. This actually happens several times in the list of nominees. Apparently the TV Academy has a rule that says that if the number of votes to nominate between fifth and sixth (and seventh and eighth on a few occasions) falls within a certain range, it will be considered a tie and the sixth (and seventh and eighth) person will be included on the nomination list. This is in contrast with the policies of Oscars and Tonys which require the number of votes to be exactly the same for a tie to have occurred and an extra name to be added to the nomination list. In most cases I'd agree with that policy, but given that I think that five nominees is too few in most Emmy categories – given the sheer number of shows that are produced each year – I think that in this case it is an appropriate response.

This poll ends on June 30. As usual feel free to comment on how you voted – or what I wrote about the number of nominees – in the comments section of this post.

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