Sunday, September 16, 2007

Poll Results – What Show Should Win The Emmy For Outstanding Drama?

Okay, I now know my audience a little better – a large number of you are comic book geeks!

I kid (because I love) but you have to admit, this poll does show something of a bias toward a show that would be described as Science Fiction and Comic Book related. Thirteen votes were cast – down to about half of the number that voted in several previous polls in this series (I put that down to my lack of posts in the last week or so). In fifth place, with no votes, is The Sopranos in a tie for second place with two votes each (15%) are Boston Legal, Gray's Anatomy, and House. But the winner, with seven votes (54%) is Heroes.

Okay, let's admit that the odds-on favourite to win this thing is The Sopranos. The show has finally ended and it went out with a metaphorical bang (actually it went out with an ending that is about as ambiguous as you can get but we're talking about the rump of the season that aired during the Emmy eligibility period). It's going to win for the same reason that Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King won the Oscar – for the complete achievement of the series culminating with the final episodes.

Next up, I think you have to dismiss Boston Legal. I honestly don't see Boston Legal as being a drama. If Ugly Betty is a comedy why isn't Boston Legal? Admittedly, I don't watch the show – I think I've seen one episode ever, the one this season where William Shatner's performance in an early live drama (which inspired the series The Defenders) was used to set-up the main story – but this series seems to blur the lines between comedy and drama. I also think you need to dismiss Gray's Anatomy as a serious contender in the category simply because this past season was a mess. Of course the Emmy's – even in this category – are based on a single episode even though they don't say so in the nominations list. Gray's Anatomy had some outstanding episodes this season, notably the season finale where Christina is left at the altar, and I think Sandra Oh should win the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Taken as a whole however I think that this season of the show has been a mess, centring on the whole business of George and Izzy, and Meredith "not swimming" being indicative to Derek of...something. I don't think either of these series deserve to be here and are only nominated out of force of habit and a bias against shows like Battlestar Galactica which was outstanding this season and in previous seasons.

Next up is House. I've seen critics say that House has had an uneven season. I don't entirely agree, but even if that is the case an uneven season of House is far superior to anything that Gray's Anatomy and Boston Legal put in the field this season. The use of David Morse's character of Detective Tritter may have seemed heavy handed at the time but I think it emphasised significant themes in the series that ran through the whole season. The supporting characters, particularly House's three fellows developed in their relationship to House. On the whole the show has been outstanding.

Now as to Heroes there are several reasons why I think the show was nominated, and several reasons why I think it won't win. First, it's a new series. Historically new series don't win Emmys in their first season; in fact it's rare that new series are even nominated. This nomination seems to be a bit of a sop to those who feel that the Emmys are "too exclusive." Second, it's a genre show and the genre is science fiction. If it is rare that shows in their first season get nominations it is virtually unheard of that science fiction shows get nominations. The difference between this series and Battlestar Galactica is that Heroes is on a major broadcast network and Galactica is on the Sci-Fi Network, and let's specify that most Sci-Fi Network series aren't that great. I have a totally unfounded suspicion that if Battlestar Galactica had been on HBO it would have been nominated every year, or at least short listed. Of course it is for the third reason – the fact that Heroes is a commercial, ratings and critical success on a major broadcast network – that Heroes is nominated for the Emmy. It isn't going to win, and I hate to say it but I doubt that if it is nominated next year when The Sopranos is gone and largely forgotten it will win an Emmy. It's a shame but I'm afraid that that's the way it is.

No new poll will be coming up shortly. I usually do a "which new show will be the first to be cancelled" poll but I have to figure out how to do that within the restrictions of Bravenet polling format and it may take a couple of days. I will be live-blogging the Emmys (like just about every other blogger who writes about TV), so drop by later tonight.

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