Monday, September 08, 2008

Series Premieres And Season Debuts– Week of September 8-15, 2008

Here we go with week two of the new season. Or is it pre season week two? I don't really care. What I do know is that there are new shows debuting and other shows starting off for the season. All of these are on FOX and The CW of course – the other networks are still winding up their summer schedule. All in all a relatively light week .


FOX has the season debut of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the aftermath of the explosion. John has to face the reality of his future alone.


FOX has the debut of the highly anticipated science fiction series Fringe. The episode will be 95 minutes long and have limited commercial interruptions. The arrival of a flight from Germany at Logan International with no one alive on board sets in motion a deeper mystery. I`m really looking forward to this one, particularly since people whose opinion I respect and who have actually seen the episode are raving about it.

Overlooked in all of the hype about 90210 is the CW`s other new major show, Privileged. The series stars Joanna Garcia, formerly of Reba, as a journalist who takes on the job of tutor for a pair of spoiled rich teens who I suspect could be modelled on the Hilton sisters. I've always liked Garcia, and from the sounds of things this could be a fun "dramedy" with the emphasis on the "-medy."


FOX has the third season debut of the Brad Garrett-Joely Fisher series 'Til Death. Mostly harmless.

FOX also has the series premiere of Do Not Disturb starring Jerry O'Connell and Niecy Nash. Based on nothing more than the previews that FOX has provided, this workplace comedy featuring people yelling at each other, is high on my list of shows that should be cancelled quickly. Then again, it is a sitcom on FOX, the network that kept The War At Home on the air for two excruciating seasons.


FOX has the season debut of Wayne Brady and Don't Forget The Lyrics. Why? I don't know (third base!).

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