Sunday, September 14, 2008

Series Premieres And Season Debuts – Week of September 15-21, 2008

It's going to be a pretty light week coming up as far as season debuts is concerned. There are no series premiers this week – a definite lull before the storm – but there are a few series getting ready to show up. That will probably give me a chance to take a run at the PTC – it's getting to be their busy season as well and they're being their usual outraged selves – and hopefully get my reviews for Privileged and hopefully 90210 done (I still haven't watched last week's episodes of either series yet). But, all in all a light week.


FOX has the start of the new season of House MD. House tries to patch up his relationship with Wilson in the aftermath of the death of Amber (aka Cut-Throat Bitch). Oh, yeah, and there's a patient who is dying for Foreman and House's "Cottages" (Traub, Kutner and "13") to try to interest the boss in.

NBC is debuting the latest season of Biggest Loser. This time it's the Family Edition. And we all know just how well that worked out for The Amazing Race.


The CW is starting the eighth (and possibly last) season of Smallville. Michael Rosenbaum has regrown his hair because Lex Luthor will apparently only be doing an occasional guest appearance. Kristin Kreuk is gone too, but will be back for five episodes. That leaves us with Clark, Chloe and Lana as the major characters, with Cassidy Freeman coming in as the new head of LuthorCorp, personally selected by Lex.

The CW also has the fourth season debut of Supernatural. It will feature the return of Dean Winchester after four months in the grave or Hell... or both.

CBS originally planned to debut Survivor: Gabon on September 18th but has decided to push it back to September 25th and do a two-hour season premiere.

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