Thursday, September 08, 2011

Poll Results - Outstanding Comedy Series

Parks-and-Recreation-Season-1-2009I nearly forgot about this one and I need to get on with it. There were ten votes in this category. The Big Bang Theory received no votes. In a three way tie for third place with one vote each (10%) are Glee, from FOX, and The Office and 30 Rock, both from NBC. In second place with three votes (30%) was ABC’s Modern Family. But the winner in this category with four votes (40%) was NBC’s Parks & Recreation.

I’ve stated often enough that I don’t watch a lot of sitcoms. The rare exception is The Big Bang Theory which I find hilarious. Thus I’m not really equipped to discuss the relative merits of the various shows that are nominated. However, this time around we have enough comments to get a feeling of the people who voted…even if a few “spammy” comments slipped through.

First up we have this from Todd Mason:
COMMUNITY was actually better than this slate, but only a bit better than PARKS and 30 ROCK. GLEE and MODERN FAMILY don't belong on the ballot.
I happen to agree with you about Glee. The thing is that I don’t know where the show really fits. It gets lumped into the comedy area because it has music and the inevitable association of “musical” is with “comedy.” Just my opinion of course.

Next this statement in support of this stance from Roger Owen Green:
I don't care what they say: Glee is not a comedy! (And neither is Nurse Jackie.)
I agree, particularly about Nurse Jackie. Of course the show wasn’t nominated as a Comedy this year though star Edie Falco was.

My good friend Toby O’Brien had this to say:
Although I enjoy all but "Glee" among the nominees, but only "Parks & Recreation" really took it to a higher plane this year. "Modern Family" and especially "30 Rock" had too many off episodes.....
I’ll take your word for it.

Alex wrote this:
I have to go with Parks & Recreation. Over the past few years, it's found its groove and stepped up its comedy game. Glee is, although entertaining, fundamentally not a good show. It focused on cheap, instant laughs and thrills rather than character development.
I think that the comments about Glee may be right on the mark. Based on some reported slippage in the ratings this past year it may be that the public is growing tired of the Glee “formula.”

Finally we have this from Tom Myler expressing a minority opinion:
Contrary to what of people think, The Office did great this past season! The final arc after Michael Scott left was hilarious.
This definitely does seem to be a minority opinion, even to your point about the arc after Michael Scott left. While there were some moments that professional critics found to be excellent, like the episode where Dwight ran the Scranton branch, many thought there were too many gimmicks in those final episodes. Adding to that is some negative reaction to a lot of the earlier episodes.

New poll up in a few minutes.

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Todd Mason said...

GLEE, like MODERN FAMILY, didn't belong on the ballot for the same reasons: weak reshuffling of cliche.

MODERN FAMILY is another example of a half-good cast thrashing about under the yoke of mediocre (at best) scripts, and it's being eaten up by some folks. PARENTHOOD is an even better cast similarly beset.