Friday, September 14, 2012

Poll Results-Outstanding Drama Series

HOMELAND2Last of our Emmy polls, and this one had a really small turnout. That May very well have been because I was late in putting up the announcement. I really thought I had put it up when I finished typing it up, but I was tired that night.


Anyway, there were five votes cast. Boardwalk Empire, Game Of Thrones, and Mad Men received no votes. Breaking Bad received one vote (20%). Tied for the win are Downton Abbey and Homeland with two votes each (40%).


The low voter turnout for this one was a surprise for me, but beyond that I’m still trying to process the votes that were cast in my own mind. The two HBO shows in the list didn’t get any votes. Given the focus of this blog that’s not overly surprising. And if what I’ve heard about Mad Men having an off season is correct then that one also seems logical; great performances – and no one is disputing the performances turned in by the Mad Men cast, particularly Christina Hendricks – do not necessarily add up to a great whole.


DowntonWhich leaves us with the shows that received votes.I haven’t seen any of the three shows that got votes but I’ve heard a lot of critical support for all three. Breaking Bad is always a contender and in its penultimate season (which in AMC terms means it will be around for two more Emmy cycles) it apparently delivered a heavy dramatic punch. I certainly understand the love for Homeland which seems to me to have boosted the standard for the year (and in my opinion is the nominee most likely to dethrone Mad Men as Outstanding Drama Series). But I don’t get the adoration for Downton Abbey. Okay, I know it’s a BBC produced “family saga” of the sort that the Emmys have loved since The Forsythe Saga about 40 years ago (40 years? Suddenly I feel downright elderly because I watched and enjoyed The Forsythe Saga when it was on CBC; I even tried reading the books). But is it as good as the other shows in the category or is it the best show that the Emmy voters could find on Broadcast TV? I’m just not sure.


The new polls for the new shows most likely to be cancelled quickest will be up later today, after I go form my optometrist appointment.


Toby O'B said...

I don't like the idea of stuffing the ballot box, otherwise I would have gone back to vote again a few times for 'Homeland'.

Except for 'Breaking Bad', I like all the other nominees but they had seen better years (even my favorite of the bunch, 'Game of Thrones', even though it's only in its second season.)

'Downton Abbey' was off with certain plotlines coming out of nowhere with no conviction and then no resolution (Lord Grantham's near-straying.) But I still think it's a good show.

'Homeland' may have a sophomore slump as well, but since this is based on what already came before, I think it topped the others.

(I don't care how good 'Breaking Bad' can be, I just can't get into a show that glorifies Walt White and the choices he made in life.)

Richard Healey said...

I have heard from friends that live in England that they love Downton Abbey. But for the life of me after reading about the shows cant convince my self to go to the effort of finding it and watching. But it is popular all the same.