Friday, May 19, 2006

New Poll - Which show's cancellation surprised you the most?

This time around the poll is the first of two related to the network upfronts. Which show's cancellation surprised you the most? Obviously I had to impose some restrictions here. As much as people like and support certain shows - in my case The West Wing and Threshold - their cancellation had either already occurred before the upfronts or was pretty much inevitable. I'm looking for surprises. Some of the shows that I do include seem inevitable as well - mainly the two from CBS. No I'm after shows where the axe falling left you dazed, confused and maybe, just maybe, a little outraged. If the show that shocked you with its absence from the line up isn't here feel free to tell me about it.

Oh and by the way, The CW now has it's own website. Let's just say that like the logo certain aspects remind one of the '70s and not the good part. Let's just say that the colours would not have been inappropriate for a leisure suit and leave it at that.

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