Friday, July 29, 2005

Hey You Bums! - Vote In The Poll!!!

Now that I've got you're attention - and incidentally reminded you about the poll - I've decided that it's time to update the Blogroll. Oh Joy!

- First off is Long Plastic Hallway by Teletart (I just love that name - sue me) who I discovered thanks to Blog Explosion. Snarkier than me but really rather fun.

- Next Inner Toob found via Technorati which is a really fine Blogosphere search engine. How to describe Inner Toob? News and views of course but for me the really interesting bit are some of his imagined crossovers. Like the most recent one that links Dr. Who, Roswell, 7 Days and The X-Files. Marvellous.

- Next up is broadcastellan a blog from Britain which as Magnificent Montague puts it "concerns broadcasts, movies, and books anyone can still access using today's media." Mostly it appears to be old-time radio, but the British perspective is a bit different.

- Wistful Vistas is in fact the blog where I found out about broadcastellan. Another Old Time Radio blog with plenty of information. Not updated nearly enough (to my tastes at least) but then some people actually have lives.

- News Views & Schmooze is from TV industry insider Bryce Zabel, who has a large number of professional credits and is currently working on three projects: a miniseries remake of The Poseidon Adventure, a miniseries for the Hallmark Channel about Blackbeard, and a project for the USA network called Fall From Grace. His first script was for the CTV series ENG which was one of the better dramatic series that the network ever did. He found me after my post on Empire.

- The Pop Eye is a basic pop culture blog, but one worth taking a look at. Sometimes she even talks TV.

- TV Dinners is a British blog about TV - mainly reality shows - but which sometimes has a rather interesting take on American programs. A recent favourite has been what I think is Season 2 Apprentice, which I won't spoil for them (even here if they find out about this) by telling them who won.

- Last but not least (well sort of) is my old Diplomacy buddy Jamie McQuinn's blog Tralfaz (Blech!). Mostly what Jamie does is post links to online material that he finds of interest. What I want to know (besides his views on the battle for the Ohio 2nd) is what he did to get all of those looney religious ads? (The title comes from an old Dip zine Jamie published and incidentally from an episode of The Jetsons featuring Astro and an owner who names him Tralfaz.)

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