Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Poll Results - Outstanding Actor In A Comedy

Results for the latest poll are in. We had a better sample this time around but I can't tell if it's because we had more real voters or because I took the block against repeat voting off. I think I'll probably restore it though if I can get it to work right.

Here are the results. There's a tie for fourth between Eric McCormack from Will And Grace and Jason Bateman from Arrested Development. I guess the interesting thing here is that there are a lot of people who feel that Will And Grace has outlasted its best before date - but still draws pretty good audiences - while Arrested Development has had poor ratings - to the point where it was under risk of cancellation - but those who watch consider it one of the best comedies on TV. As you'll understand shortly I don't have much of an opinion. In a tie for second place are Tony Shaloub from Monk and Ray Romano for Everybody Loves Raymond. The winner, with four votes is Zach Braff from Scrubs, another series with a small - to the point of near cancellation - but devoted fan base.

I can't give you my opinion on these shows because quite frankly I haven't seen them. I'm not a big fan of comedies. I've seen snippets of everything except Scrubs but the only series I watched a complete episode of recently was Monk. As to who will win, I have to give the nod to Ray Romano. Reasons? It was popular, unlike Will & Grace it went out at the top of its form and unlike Monk it really is a comedy, not a drama with numerous comedic elements. (Of course if Corner Gas was eligible, Brent Butt would kick Romano's ass.)

I'll have the next category up in a few minutes.

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