Friday, July 29, 2005

Inside Out

It looks as if what we've all suspected with regards to Tim Minear's series The Inside has come to pass. It hasn't been officially cancelled, but according to what Minear said in an interview for iF Magazine's online page, he expects that if another eisode airs it will be the last one. Fox told Minear that So You Think You Can Dance was supposed to be "the cavalry" but it killed them instead. Minear told iF Magazine "They haven’t told me officially that we’re cancelled. That’s just a bunch of hoo-ha anyhow, because they told me they weren’t picking up the cast options and I’ve heard a rumor Rachel [Nichols] already has another show."

It may have been predictable though, after what Fox did with Firefly. Maybe Buffyverse people just shouldn't work for Fox or any of it's branches. The company doesn't seem to get their "vision"

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