Friday, August 19, 2005

Poll Results - Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or Movie

Well that was a bit of a come down. I'll attribute the low voter turnout to people just not knowing the productions. I know I certainly didn't to the point where I have no real idea or opinion as to who should win and only a guess as to who will. This despite the fact that two of the productions in question aired on broadcast TV and thus were available for your humble Canuck scribe to see. Not that I did of course.

We have another tie. In fourth place with no votes we have Cynthia Nixon for Warm Springs and Halle Berry for Their Eyes Were Watching God. In third place is Debra Winger for Dawn Ana with one vote. And tied for first with three votes each we have Blythe Danner in Back When We Were Grownups, and S. Epatha Merkerson in Lackawanna Blues.

Now as I mentioned I don't have any opinions about this category - beyond the fact that Cynthia Nixon is way too attractive to play Eleanor Roosevelt at any age. (Of all the women on Sex And The City she was my favourite with her clothes on - and she wasn't that bad with her clothes off except when compared to Kim Catrall.) I think Merkerson is an excellent actress and one of the best things about the original Law & Order while I remember Blythe Danner from many things, most notably as Martha Jefferson in the movie 1776 (my favourite musical). Based simply on the IMDB feedback though I have a feeling that Merkerson should win, although I can't rule out what this poll indicates would be an upset win for Cynthia Nixon.

Next poll should be up in the morning.

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