Saturday, October 01, 2005

Poll Question - What Network Produces The Most Shows You "Must See"?

Following up on last week's question, this week's question in on the shows that air originally on U.S. networks. What network produces the most shows you're watching?

The question is worded a little circuitously for a reason. Canadians might not see a lot of their favourite American shows on the originating networks. In most parts of the country it is impossible to get a UPN or WB station without either digital cable or a satellite dish - and frequently an expensive premium movie package - but we can see a lot of shows (mainly WB shows) on other Canadian channels. Smallville for example airs on the CHUM Group's A-Channels in Ontario and BC and on their cable station Space. Also, it used to be - and it may still be the case - that there are areas of the U.S. that aren't officially served by the "weblets" which get UPN or WB shows on stations of another network. Thus, while the Fox Network doesn't produce most of the shows it airs, I am using the word "produce" to encompass all of the shows the network airs.

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