Saturday, October 01, 2005

Poll Results - What Night Has The Most Shows You "Must See"

Well we have an answer and it's pretty much what I expected even with the small sample size. Only nine people voted but that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I've been too busy (or otherwise engaged) to use Blog Explosion this week - it really does build up the readership and hence the number of people voting in the polls.

As I said, nine people voted. Monday, Wednesday and Friday were all tied for last place with no votes. Sunday had one vote or 11.1% of the total. Tuesday had three votes or 33.3% of the total and Thursday had a total of five votes, or 55.6% of the total. (Saturday wasn't included in the poll of course since only Fox airs much original programming on Saturday nights.)

It's pretty much as I expected. Even with a late feed of five of the six American networks and PBS (the one missing a late feed is UPN) I find myself having taping more shows on Thursday nights than any other, and it's pretty much across all timeslots. The first hour on Thursday has Everybody Hates Chris, Survivor, and Smallville; the second hour has CSI, The Apprentice, and Reunion as well as Nightstalker (which I missed trying this week thanks to babysitting my nephew). The only week hour - from my perspective anyway - is the third hour which "only" has Without A Trace. By comparison Tuesday has a busy second hour - House, Amazing Race, and for now at least Commander-in-Chief - but the first hour is relatively sane with NCIS and Bones and it gets lighter once American Idol starts. I might watch Close To Home in the third hour but I don't know at the moment. Nothing else in that hour really grabs me the way NYPD Blue did. Sunday is manageable - Cold Case in the first hour then Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy followed by the NBC lineup via the late feed.

New poll up in the morning. This time the topic will be broadcast networks.

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