Saturday, October 15, 2005

Poll Results: What Network Produces The Fewest Shows That You Must See

Roughly what I'd expected, at least as far as the winner. There was a problem with the Poll title though.

There were eight voters this time through. In a tie for fifth with no votes were NBC and The WB. I found the WB result rather surprising - maybe shuffling their lineup helped and they have got some good shows out there. About NBC, well I guess they have something that people want to watch. In a tie for third place were CBS and Fox with one vote each. Again, not entirely surprising, particularly with the tendency of CBS to skew older. In second place, surprisingly, was ABC with two votes. I'm not really sure what to make of that one. Finally the winner with a full 50% of the vote (four people picked it) was UPN.

UPN is a difficult case. There are a couple of shows worth watching on the network - Everybody Hates Chris may be the best new comedy on any network, and Veronica Mars is a much better series than the premise would have you believe. For me at least the network was at it's best in it's first couple of seasons with show's like Live Shot, Legend, Nowhere Man, and The Sentinel. Heck I even liked Marker. I won't say that the new shows on UPN represents a renaissance for the network, but it does mean that there are a couple of good shows to watch and that's always something.

New poll up in a bit.

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