Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blogroll Update

So I hadn't actually planned that this would be such a light week for posting. I was part way through a review on The Office (finally - I had planned to review this in the first season and then in the beginning of the second season but stuff kept getting in the way including a lackluster season of what is still my favourite reality show, maybe my favourite TV show, The Amazing Race) but I managed to lose it. I also planned on a couple of articles about TV business, at least one of which will get written today, but I wanted to do both. But then I discovered sufficient impetus to update my blogroll, so that's what you get for now. Oh yeah, and I'll probably get a new set of polls up for Monday.

- Wistful Vistas is now off the roll largely because the creator has announced that he won't be doing any more with it, which was fairly obvious since it hasn't been updated since October. Too bad, since Old Time Radio is pretty much the father of series Television. Who knows how TV would have developed if it didn't have the season and continuing story model of Radio. That's the sort of thing I had expected Wistful Vistas to look at but the blog never seemed to get traction.

- Center for Creative Voices in Media Blog is pretty much a business blog. The focus is on the business of television and cable with a particular focus on the impact of media and cable concentration, and official and unofficial censorship on creativity in the media.

- John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film/TV. Muir is a professional writer who, in this blog, focuses on science fiction on TV and movies as well as his passion for TV related toys like the Eagle from Space: 1999. Generally interesting stuff though.

- The Blog is an essential supplement to the website which in itself is Indispensable if you want to find out what TV series are available or are going to be available on DVD. The blog allows Gord Lacey and Dave Lambert the opportunity to discuss things that the structure of the parent website necessarily doesn't permit, such as the potential impact of the iPod video as an alternative to DVD, or why series show up on Region 2 DVDs much sooner than they do on Region 1. Good stuff.

- What's Alan Watching? is a personal blog from professional TV critic Alan Sepinwall. Old timers from the newsgroup - like Ian J. Ball and I - remember the halcyon days when Alan, who is the TV critic for the Newark Star-Ledger, was a regular participant in the group. Needless to say his knowledge of the TV business put most of the rest of us to shame, but his opinions always carried a certain amount of weight - except among those who disliked him on general principle. Worth reading as both a critic and a blogger with added perceptions. This blog seems to have been a fairly well kept secret until recently when he mentioned the possibility that Tommy Schlamme and Aaron Sorkin might be at the NBC Press Tour leading to speculation that they'd be writing at least one episode of The West Wing. It proved to be false but it did catch the attention of a lot of people including "Wingnuts" like me.

I'll probably have more stuff for you later today.

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