Tuesday, January 31, 2006

National Gorilla Suit Day - Take Your Gorilla Suit To Lunch

It's National Gorilla Suit Day!

Of course this brings to mind the single worst and yet most beloved gorilla suit I've ever seen. By their very nature gorilla suits aren't particularly attractive - on the whole in fact an insult to gorillas in Rwanda Burundi and every zoo in the world. However the gorilla suit used on the
Wayne & Shuster Show was perhaps the homeliest and most unrealistic ever. It was neatly groomed and probably made at a time when they didn't use synthetic fibers to make gorilla suits. The colour, as I recall, wasn't actually black but rather close to a chocolate or coffee brown. However, the single most memorable feature was that this gorilla was bald. No, I don't mean totally without fur or with patches of fur missing from parts of it's body. Rather the head was similar to nothing less than a bald man from the face up to the top of the head was bare brown - rubber I guess - in a pattern of baldness that basically reminds one of any bald man. It is impossible to truly do justice to this gorilla suit without seeing it, and I wish I had art for this, but I haven't been able to find a picture anywhere online. The suit was suit was, if I'm not mistaken, used by the boys since at least the 1960s and possibly in the 1950s, until Johnny Wayne's death in 1990 ended the act.

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