Sunday, August 27, 2006

Poll Result - What SHOULD win the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Program?

We have a winner and a vote count that makes the poll relatively valid, which considering some of the previous polls in this series of Emmy Polls is a big change. I suspect it was the category.

Eighteen votes were cast. In fifth place with no votes is The Sopranos. In fourth place with one vote (5%) is The West Wing. In third place with three votes (16%) is Grey's Anatomy. Second place went to 24 which got six votes (33%). And the winner with eight votes (44%) is House.

You'll have to excuse me a bit on this one as I have a nasty cold. I totally agree with this result ... and I would have been totally in agreement if the vote had gone the other way. And that's speaking as a big fan of this season's West Wing. Of the shows nominated these are the two best and either one is deserving of the Emmy. But that's the problem you see; of the shows nominated these are the two best. The problem, which has been apparent throughout this edition of the Emmy Awards has been that the shows and people nominated haven't necessarily been the best possible (and this isn't just because I'm a big fan of Lost and Battlestar Galactica). While I'm not prepared to say that this is the worst collective set of nominations ever it does serve to highlight problems in the system, the sort of problems that my previous "modest proposal" post (see below) was directed at. The Emmy voters have a habit of finding a show that they like and sticking to it, that's true, which has a tendency to exclude new blood. The fact is that this year's nominations only managed to exclude last year's Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy (and most of the other nominees in that category from last year), and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. Say what you want about last year's nominees, this sort of collective snub is unexpected. At the same time there's something unreal about an actress from a so-so show that was cancelled in the first half of the season getting a nomination as Outstanding Actress in a Comedy (Stockard Channing) or Chris Meloni getting a nomination as Outstanding Actor in a Drama because he had one great episode while Jame Gandolfini and Michael Chiklis aren't in the running. But then again, Jackie Gleason never won an Emmy.

I have an idea for a new poll which will be up shortly.

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