Monday, August 07, 2006

Poll Results - Who SHOULD win the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries?

I'm honestly not sure what the results of this poll proves. Maybe that the miniseries is dead. Maybe that the people that read this blog are only interested in broadcast networks. Or maybe that all of my readers are "Saint Scully" fans and will vote for anythign with Gillian Anderson in it. I suspect the latter but wouldn't rule out the former.

We had five voters and none of them voted for HBO's Elizabeth I, TNT and Steven Spielberg's Into The West or Showtime's Sleeper Cell. All five voted for PBS (and the BBC's) Bleak House starring Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock.

I haven't seen any of these shows, although Into The West was seen on the CBC (to the consternation of "friends" of the CBC who only want them to show Canadian shows) and Bleak House was on PBS, although they seem to make it increasingly difficult to find Masterpiece Theater these days. The funny thing of course is that from what I know about these miniseries they seem to embody the quality I think is most essential in a miniseries and that is having an epic story to tell and using the form as a vehicle with which to tell the story. With the major US over the air networks pulling out of the business of TV movies and having stopped producing epic miniseries long ago. Band Of Brothers on a broadcast network might have been this generation's Roots or Winds Of War (or my favourite Centennial) but no broadcast network is going to "disrupt" their schedule with such a venture - more's the pity.

New poll up almost immediately.

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