Saturday, August 09, 2008

Poll Result - Who Do You Think Should Win The Emmy For Outstanding Actress In A Drama?

I'm a little late on this one. I essentially forgot all about writing this poll on Friday, because there were a bunch of other things that came up not restricted to trying to keep up with the Olympics (and that's more complicated than you can possibly imagine). I wanted to compare the coverage by CBC and NBC but I only managed to catch the NBC coverage. I'll get something out eventually though I'm not sure when. But suffice it to say that Friday was essentially a mess. In terms of getting things done.

And so to the poll results. We had eight votes cast – one today I think. Tied with no votes are Glenn Close and Holly Hunter. In third place with one vote (12.5%) is Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer. In second place, with two votes (25%) is Sally Field of Brothers and Sisters. The winner is Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit with five votes (62.5%).

Okay, I guess I don't get this one. I mean maybe it's because I don't watch SVU, but I guess I find it really difficult to see here performance equated with what Glenn Close and Holly Hunter have been doing. I mean I've seen Hunter's work at least, and in Grace Hanadarko she has created a dark, tormented and self-destructive character who is compelling at the same time that she is vaguely REPULSIVE. You probably wouldn't want to spend much time with Grace in the real world unless you were getting in her pants (which seem to have an "all-access pass" provision) but at the same time she seems compelling to watch, at least for me. In her own way the character is as compelling as Dennis Leary's Tommy Gavin in Rescue Me. I haven't seen Glenn Close or Sally Field for that matter, and the episodes of Kyra Sedgwick's The Closer that I've seen are older, but I have to say that I have difficulty seeing Hargitay as anything but the least in this category, but to paraphrase someon (the L'il Abner comic strip?) "you has spoken" and Hargitay it is.

New poll up in the morning.

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